Alix of Bohemia, the brainchild of Alix Verley Pietrafesa, emerges as a brand synonymous with growth, creativity, and artisanal craftsmanship. Rooted in the fusion of mid-century bohemia and the liberated spirit of the 1970s, Alix of Bohemia has become a beacon of elegan...

3 April 2024

Vizta DGTL, a leading games studio, is thrilled to announce the upcoming launch of its highly anticipated fashion role-play game (RPG), KUTUR Runway, set to debut in Q3 of 2024. Combining fashion with the excitement of role-playing games, KUTUR Runway promises an unparal...

27 March 2024

Prepare to dive into the depths of the ocean with the latest installment of the award-winning immersive experience, Sounds of the Ocean.  Newly released dates promise audiences across Spain, the USA, and Germany an opportunity to engage in a captivating blend of art, liv...

21 March 2024

BER4UA, a collective of Berliners and allies with a mission to aid those affected by the war, is set to host its second fundraiser event in Berlin, demonstrating solidarity with Ukraine. The event is scheduled for March 19, 2024, at 6.30pm, at the Villa Grisebach, locate...

13 March 2024

Paris-based artist Carla Chan will present her "Black Moves" immersive works on January 18, 2024 at Fotografiska Berlin.

28 February 2024

Josephinenhütte, pioneer in the glass industry, has been awarded the prestigious German Design Award 2024 for its JOSEPHINE Decanter ‘Brilliant’. This achievement underscores the successful blend of tradition and modernity championed by Kurt Josef Zalto and his team. Bey...

6 December 2023

Dubai, UAE - Embodied Sounds is proud to announce "A Night for the Ocean feat. Sounds of the Ocean," an immersive event scheduled at the Green Zone Stage during COP28 on Dec 4, 2023. This enchanting experience integrates music, panel discussions, poetry, and visual art t...

30 November 2023

The JOSEPHINE Carafe by Kurt Josef Zalto is the ninth member of the Josephine Collection. This carafe, meticulously designed to enhance the experience of water and wine, showcases exceptional glass craftsmanship. Crafted after thorough research and development, the caraf...

7 November 2023

Ukrainian fashion designer Jean Gritsfeldt unveiled his electrifying debut EP Disco Hooligan at POP KUDAMM in Berlin on Oct 5, 2023 to a packed audience of music fans. "Born in Kyiv: Disco Hooligan" marks the musical debut of Gritsfeldt.

2 November 2023

Renowned top restaurants around the world have made a game-changing decision to switch their glassware to Josephinenhutte by Kurt Josef Zalto. These handmade wine glasses, designed by the esteemed Kurt Josef Zalto himself, offer an unparalleled sensory wine experience th...

26 October 2023